About Tricky Dick

For over a decade, Tricky Dick and the Cover-Ups has been setting the standard for consistency and innovation in live entertainment. With over 1,000 shows logged, hundreds of satisfied wedding clients, and partnerships with all major Cleveland sports teams, Tricky Dick continues to redefine the standards of a top-40 cover band.

Every Tricky Dick live show is its own experience; a fast moving, genre-spanning array of musical selections, a vivid and dynamic light show, and a high energy and engaging performance from its four members (Doug, Jeph, Matt and Tony). Week after week, new songs are added and a new playlist is created. Every show is unique; every performance is fresh.

Contact us today! Whether you want to create incredible memories of a lifetime at your wedding reception, provide your employees with a high energy dance band at a corporate function, or pack the house at your neighborhood club – Tricky Dick has you covered!

Band Lineup

Tony Howard

Lead Vocals, Bass

Jeph Harmozis

Keyboard, Guitar, Lead Vocals

Matt Johnson

Drums, Lead Vocals

Doug Schulze

Guitar, Bass, Vocals